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Alexandra Golovanoff is a Parisian designer. Under her eponymous brand, she launches her first collection of cashmere sweaters in 2016.

They are sweaters with a concept: "Knitting that makes beautiful", because the colors are chosen to embellish, to harmonize with your skin, your hair, your eyes.

They are "cosmetic sweaters": when they are worn, there is no need for make-up (#nomakeup #nofilter #justasweater!).

Our sweaters are knitted with the best cashmere, wool and organic Egyptian cotton yarns. They are produced in Mauritius, in a small family-owned factory, respecting social and environmental standards, which is of utmost importance to us.

Our constant concern is to offer you clothes that are made to last, and that, year after year, will be as beautiful, soft and comfortable as the first day, or even more since they will be yours.