factory life

The manufacturing process

Once we are in possession of the best raw material, knitting is the next step.


Our sweaters are knitted in Mauritius which has an ancient tradition in textiles. This country is one of the most developed in sub-Saharan Africa . This small country of just over a million inhabitants is very diverse, with different cultures living together harmoniously, including Chinese, Christians, Hindus and Muslims. We are proud to contribute to the development of this island which has managed to preserve its idiosyncrasy beyond tourism. The factory we work with offers an ideal mix of tradition and modernity: manual knitting looms rub shoulders with state-of-the-art automated machines.

It is a family business founded by a Mauritian who spent his entire career in the textile industry before managing to create his own production tool. The employees are very competent and work in a very favorable environment.

The different stages of knitting

The yarns coming from the spinning mills we work with are paraphinned, which protects them during transport and storage. The cones are installed on the machines and the different stages of production can begin. Depending on the model, we use manual or automated knitting techniques.

Great care is taken with the ribbing of the cuffs and waist, the finishing of the collars and the assembly of the models. But all our models are finally assembled by hand, and in particular our logo which is hand-knitted on each product.

This combination of technology and craftsmanship gives our knitwear a quality and feel like no other. Once the knitting is complete, the sweaters, dresses, bibs etc. are carefully washed at very controlled temperatures to give them that natural and slightly rustic look.

This step is very important because it gives our sweaters their final appearance and guarantees their longevity and optimal quality.