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This is already the 5th collection, that of autumn-winter 2018!

The new colors of this collection are true to our roots and our desire to make you beautiful. The Mila, Mila V and Virgile are offered, as usual, in green, blue, pink, brown and gray. But also a clear khaki, a powder, a beige, a beautiful red, a real navy and .... we have re-edited our very first green that you liked so much. All you need to enhance your wardrobe!

There are many new models:

The Bettina, a mix of cashmere and cotton is GREAT! Super soft, ample, divine and to be matched with his Paton pants (whose thread is thinner so as not to appear thick on the bottom ...).

The Babouch, a very light cashmere skinny  sweater, very high quality, turtleneck, close to the body and quite long. A little bit of our childhood ... in a lot softer and luxurious. It matches with our Legging. In the same cashmere but with lycra for a sheathing effect and total comfort.

The Ysag, a hoodie in cashmere! Its cut is "round", the bottom forms a circle, shorter in front (it lengthens the legs) and longer behind (that hides the buttocks). A big pocket, it is super cool and yet very chic.

Coco, with its 3 buttons on the shoulder is adorable! Slightly rounded cut, normal length, neither long nor short.

Mila Night is Mila ... for the evening. It is in a cashmere and silk blend to which we add a discreet touch of lurex tone on tone. It is so chic and easy to wear.

There is also the very boyish Charles. In cashmere and cotton, oversize, incredibly comfortable, it will protect you from the frosts of the mid-season. It is also designed to look cool and comfy.

You will find Jean-the-sailor, Thérèse-the-cardigan, the tech friendly E-Gloves, the removable turtleneck Collar, etc, etc ...

Without forgetting of course:

Mila and Virgile : our basics.

Françoise: luxury long-sleeved t-shirt that can be worn as a sweater or as a t-shirt, on the skin, it's so soft, in cashmere / cotton

André: the real classic short-sleeved t-shirt, but in cashmere / cotton

Our tag line remains “Le tricot qui rend beau”, the sweater that makes you beautiful, that brings happiness in life. They are the first cosmetic sweaters because their colors have been thought to enlighten, to embellish, to match with your hair, your eyes, your skin.

Our priority is to make sure that we provide topmost quality, like before, when clothes weren’t supposed to be disposable, but kept seasons after seasons.

Our sweaters are made in Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean, which has developed a specific know-how in stich. They are woven in a small family-owned factory, where employees are well sought after. It is almost a handicraft production, where the finishing is hand made and the attention to details is real.

As in our first collection, our cashmere comes from Scotland, from one of the best yarn spinners, to provide topmost quality.

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