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Alexandra Golovanoff is an emblematic Parisian fashion editor, journalist and TV host, turned designer. Under her eponym brand, she has launched her first cashmere sweater collection in 2016.

They are sweaters with a concept: “Le tricot qui rend beau” (“the sweater that makes you beautiful”), because the colours are chosen to embellish, to match with your skin, your hair, your eyes.

We call them “cosmetic sweaters” : when worn, no more make-up is needed (#no makeup #no filter #just a sweater !).

Our sweaters are woven in the best yarns. They are knitted in Mauritius, in a small, family owned factory in compliance with social and environmental standards, which is of paramount importance to us.

Our constant concern is to offer you clothes that are made to last, and that, year after year, will be as beautiful, soft and comfortable as on the first day.

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